IDELE’s role in OrganicCimateNET

IDELE leads the Work Package A (WPA) of the OrganicClimateNET project, which aims to establish a pilot network of climate positive organic farms across 12 European countries in collaboration with the project leaders ECOVALIA and FIRAB. The network has the ambition to continue beyond the 4 years of the project, and it will be facilitated by the creation of guidelines, the training of advisors in networking and the organisation of national and international meetings to promote cross-fertilisation and peer learning between European networks and players.

IDELE is responsible for developing guidelines for the management of the network and facilitating the exchange of knowledge between participants, with the first deliverable scheduled for July 2024. A survey of the needs of Hub Coaches and National Coordinators is underway, to better suit to their expectations.

IDELE is also preparing a survey to characterise the network’s farms. The aim is to establish or strengthen the hubs and to draw up a general and climatic inventory of individual farms, with delivery scheduled for July 2025.

Coordination and support for other Work Packages

IDELE will also play the role of French national coordinator for the 2 dairy hubs in the regions Normandy and Auvergne Rhone Alpes.

Apart from that, IDELE will put his expertise at the service of the project through his involvement in other work packages: support the development of farm carbon balance & carbon farming strategy, training of farmers on on-farm data collection with the data reporting protocol and using the carbon balance tools, coordination of test knowledge materials adaptations and preparation of Knowledge materials on organic carbon farming for FR farms.


IDELE is France’s national technical and standards reference body for livestock farming systems. It is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation run by livestock farmers’ federations and unions. Its activities encompass applied research, technical assistance and technology transfer in the sciences of cattle, sheep, goat and horse breeding.

With over 300 staff, IDELE offers a large range of skills. Engineers from various IDELE units will be involved in the project: Social approaches and farm work, Forage Pastoralism Agronomy Biodiversity, Climate, Water Air Energy and Dairy farming.

IDELE’s participation to other EU projects related to climate or farm networking, such as Nefertiti, Resilience for Dairy, Climate Smart Advisors, Climate Farm Demo…, will be an asset to the success of OrganicClimateNET!

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